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You can register in written form (print the blank and send it per post to Bexte Touristik, Bonner Straße 37, 53721 Siegburg, Germany or per fax: 49 02241 9424299), per phone (+49 02241 9424211), or on-line with this blank. A booking without engagement lasts only three days.

The following registration or booking automatically assumes that you accept the conditions of participation and journey of BCT-Touristik.

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Application form
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Getting there Train ride to Frankfurt back to the airport and back
Price: 59 € from your home station:
Insurance against the travel cancelation expenses

Travel cancellation insurance covers the cancellation fees if you will be so ill unexpectedly , that you can no longer travel . Apply the policy conditions of Europ Assistance Insurance AG . Our Asia team will advise you by e - mail or telephone .

International health insurance is in the holiday price

The health insurance is in the price for participants with residence in Germany / Austria included. However, if you already have a health insurance , be privately insured or resident in Switzerland , you can have a credit the amount.

Different insurance policy, which you can find in our catalog are for participants with residence in Switzerland.

For our journeys, the travel conditions of BCT-Touristik are applied. Travel and participation conditions to be read, printed or saved in the PDF format.

If you have any problem to book on-line, you can join us per phone at this number: +49 2241 942 42 11 or per fax at +49 2241 942 42 99.
We will glad to book for you per phone.