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About BCT


The BCT – Logo

The BCT-Touristik logo consists of two symbols: on the one hand there is the sun, which can be understood as a representation of God and which is a distant prospect. This distance is what we all wish to attend. On the other hand the second symbol, the ancient Egypt eye of Horus, points out the view onto the distance. It invites us to take off and discover the unknown.

BCT - Touristik

BCT - Touristik was founded in 1992 as a tour operator for classic study trips. It is still the focus of our journeys to the Middle East, Central America, Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Australia. On these trips we offer a balanced mix between cultural, historical and natural topics.

BCT is a family enterprise with a young, dynamic team. The office is in Siegburg in the Lower Rhine area in Germany.
Parts of our program are also the trips aiming to discover nature. Join BCT on a hike through the jungle of Central America, on a trekking tour in the Himalayans, on a safari in the endless African savannah or on a snorkelling tour at the Great Barrier Reef.

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History of BCT

In the course of almost 19 years of the existence of BCT-Touristik we added to our original destinations Egypt and Israel further destinations for the study trips. You can see those in the following chart.

  1. 1992 Egypt, Israel
  2. 1993 India, Nepal
  3. 1994 Mexico, Syria, Jordan
  4. 1995 Belize, Guatemala, Sri Lanka
  5. 1996 Southern India, Maldives
  6. In 1997 we expanded the offer and added the long-distance destinations Africa, Asia and Australia.
  7. 1997 Australia, Singapore
  8. 1998 South Africa, Swaziland
  9. 1999 Bali
  10. 2000 Western Australia
  11. 2001 Namibia, Malaysia
  12. 2002 Neuseeland, Fiji
  13. 2003 Java
  14. 2004 Myanmar
  15. 2005 Laos, Thailand
  16. 2006 Cambodia, Japan
  17. 2007 Vietnam
  18. 2008 Mali - Western Africa
  19. 2009 Northern Japan
  20. 2010 Korea

In 2011/12 we plan the addition of South American destinations to complete our program.

Your tour escort - the BCT tour guide

A couple of words about your most important persons to contact during the trip: the BCT tour guides. They are usually not full-time tour guides but enthusiastic adepts and admirers of the respective destination. They often work together with the certified local tour guides and therefore they are schooled about the recent political and cultural developments. They will provide you with further information to the sites you are going to visit and allow you to discover the diversity of the country hosting you. They also know the German culture very well so they are able to bridge the gap between the two countries.
Beyond the usual tourist trails the tour guides can show the hidden treasures of the region you are visiting. On top of that they give you information on culture, religion, the backgrounds of the country, inside tips on the best restaurants, cafés and night clubs. They can also help you with any sort of problem you have twenty-four-seven. If you want to make an excursion on your own, get advice from your tour guide for your own tour or for special group tours.

The travel group

The number of participants is approximately 25. On certain dates there is going to be two different groups. This gives the participants the opportunity to choose between two daily programs on some days. Our offers address everybody that is interested in a contemporary and dynamic tour program.

Information before and after the trip

During the whole trip considerable information is available to you. There is a detailed information brochure on each of our destinations with important indications in alphabetical order such as A - addresses, C - Customs, E - entry. Additionally we inform you about the trip and destination on special seminars. You always get the current information by contact to your tour guide. If you have any questions you can of course also call BCT-Touristik in Siegburg at any time.

Travel guarantee & URV travel insurance agency

A good insurance is very important for us: For you and for us. For the protection of the travel price, the charges are secured at Reisegarant & Generali AG insurance. For your personal safety you can choose a travel insurance from the wide scale of insurances offered by Worldwideinsure and assemble your individual package.